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Dr. Haluk Ferden Gürsel

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Dr. Haluk Ferden GürselDr. Haluk F. Gursel has been Senior Internal Auditor with the United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO) internal audit office in Geneva, Switzerland since 1980. He also served as the investigative team leader of various fraud or suspected fraud cases. Dr. Gursel’s duties have taken him to a great number of WHO’s member countries for investigation, evaluation, and audit tasks, including Cuba and North Korea. In addition to regular audits, he has performed special investigative assignments of great sensitivity at the request of senior management. Dr. Gursel’s previous positions include general inspector of finance, government auditor, and bank auditor in Turkey (1967-1980).  His responsibilities included a leadership role in the negotiation of the IMF’s rescue package for the country in the late 1970s. As part of his inspector tasks, he planned and performed evaluations and audits on various non-governmental institutions including the country’s Central Bank and Central Intelligence Agency, as well as private companies. He also performed investigations and expert witness tasks concerning fraud-related cases to the penal courts. Dr. Gursel has published six books on financial and accounting issues and nearly 100 articles and contributed to numerous publications.  He is a regular speaker at workshops and seminars. In addition, he is adjunct Professor at Webster University in Geneva. Recently, he taught the ACFE Higher Education Initiative courses “Fraud Detection and Examination in Today’s Business Environment” and "Fraud Prevention". Currently, he is the coordinator of the Webster University Certificate Programme on Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation. Recently, he is elected as advisory panel member for Ethisphere Global Anti- Corruption Quotient. Dr. Gursel is the founding member and President Emeritus of the ACFE’s Chapter in Geneva, Switzerland, founding member and past Training Director of the Central European Chapter in Germany. He has been instrumental in setting up several European Chapters and institutions against fraud. He is also the holder of the 2004 ACFE Outstanding Achievement Award in Anti-Fraud Education and 2008 ACFE Hubbard Award. He is also past President and founding member of the Swiss Council on Occupational Fraud.  In 2005, he has completed the work with the United Nations as adviser for the UN Fraud Prevention and Anti-Corruption Framework and when retired was working on the accountability framework in his workplace. Following his work to upgrade the Pan American Health Organization Oversight Department and establish an Audit Committee, currently he is Chief Compliance Enhancement, UNAIDS, where he has launched accountability enhancement initiative. ...